Android M


Google has officially announced Android M, it’s latest flagship operating system for Android smartphones at Google I/O 2015. It is the most powerful Android release yet, with hundreds of improvements made to the platform. The highlights of Android M are as follows :

Android Pay

Android Pay is a new service from Google which will compete against Apple’s Apple Pay. It will use NFC, allowing users to make mobile payments within stores. In short, Android Pay is Google’s answer to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Native Fingerprint Scanning Support

With the introduction of Android M, Google will now officially support fingerprint scanner by default. Google’s next flagship smartphone is rumored to pack fingerprint scanner for the first time in Nexus history.

Improved Google Now Experience

Google Now has received a significant update in the latest Android M OS. The ‘Now on tap’ service is now available in every app and Google Now can be activated simply by pressing home button.

Simplified App Permissions

The Android M will come with simplified app permissions. Instead of asking for permission during the installation process, the apps will now be able to ask for permission along the way and only when certain features are being used.


For example if the user is chatting via an app like WhatsApp and wants to record a voice message or send a photo, a one time prompt will appear asking them to grant app permission to phone’s microphone or camera.

Improved Mobile Browsing Experience

Google has also improved mobile browsing experience with the introduction of Android M.


‘Dozing’ with Android M will improve Battery Life

Google is introducing new ‘Dozing’ mode that will only activate when your device is not being used for a long period of time. It will not stop alarms and priority notifications.