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There is no smartphone without apps these days. They make our life so easy. RIM has worked hard lately on developing apps on their platform. BlackBerry doesn’t have the following as Apple or Android does, but when it comes to business or quality apps they are second to none. For latest BlackBerry devices, check BlackBerry 9900, BlackBerry 9810, BlackBerry 9790, BlackBerry 9850 and BlackBerry 9360.

For apps for BlackBerry PlayBook check Must have apps for BlackBerry PlayBook.

For BlackBerry 10 apps, check Must have Apps for BlackBerry 10.

To download new Blackberry App World click Blackberry App World from your BlackBerry Browser. The following are my top apps for current BlackBerry devices in 2012.

BlackBerry Messenger – This is the must have app for your BlackBerry. You can chat and share funny stories, pictures, videos and more with individual contacts or groups of friends or family instantly. Share your pin or unique barcode to connect with friends and family anywhere, anytime in the whole world. Take comfort in knowing that you are only a BlackBerry Messenger message away. For free download, click BlackBerry Messenger

Facebook for BlackBerry – Stay on top of your social life with Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones. This free application makes Facebook services – like sending messages, poking friends, writing wall posts, inviting friends to join and uploading photos – available on the go! Take Facebook wherever life takes you and don’t miss a beat! For free download, click Facebook for BlackBerry

Twitter for BlackBerry – Doing the things you love on Twitter are made quick and easy using your BlackBerry smartphone. With Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones, you receive a notification as soon as a Message or @Mention arrives – no matter which application you’re using. And because you’re using a BlackBerry smartphone, you not only receive a notification, the message itself is delivered directly to your inbox making it even easier to stay on top of what’s important to you. For free download, click Twitter for BlackBerry

BBM Music – BBM Music is a social music service that allows you to share. Build a personal music profile with 50 of your favourites songs. You can refresh your profile by swapping out up to 25 songs each month. For more details check BBM Music. For free download click here – BBM Music

BlackBerry Protect – BlackBerry Protect is a free application designed to keep your information secure if your BlackBerry smartphone goes missing. You can download BlackBerry Protect and then log into the website where you can lock, locate or wipe your smartphone from wherever you are. You can also choose to have your crucial data backed up wirelessly and automatically, as often as you choose (daily, weekly, or monthly). It can’t get any secure than this. For free download, click BlackBerry Protect

BlackBerry News – With the BlackBerry News app, all the content you care about comes right to you, hot off the press and in one convenient place. It also make it easy to share it with your social network like BBM, Facebook and Twitter. Must have app for news. For free download, click BlackBerry News.

WordPress for BlackBerry – The all new WordPress for BlackBerry app allows you to write post, upload photos & videos, edit pages and manage comments. Both and self hosted WordPress (2.9.2 or higher) sites are supported. For free download, click WordPress for BlackBerry

BlackBerry Travel – BlackBerry Travel makes it easy to plan, book, manage and share your travel activities. Looking for flights or places to stay? Find flight schedules and great hotel options, all right from your BlackBerry. The automatic trip scanning feature will automatically recognize itineraries that are emailed to you and push them to your BlackBerry – no matter where you booked. It can even identify gaps – like a hotel stay that ends a night earlier than it should – and make recommendations which you can book right from your BlackBerry. For free download, click BlackBerry Travel

BeWeather – BeWeather is a visually stunning weather application for your BlackBerry smartphone. Get instant access to current conditions plus a 5-day forecast for locations worldwide. Keep up to 3 locations at the same time and switch between them with a flick of the trackpad. Main features are current conditions including “Feels like” temperature, wind, pressure, dew point, humidity. Easily switch between 2 different views, today with daily forecast and compact daily, customize homescreen icon showing current conditions. For free download, click BeWeather

Opera Mini – The browser on the latest generation of BlackBerry devices like the Bold and the torch is a big step forward, but you’re still getting the mobile version of Web pages in many cases and when you do load a standard desktop Web page, running the scripts and rendering the page can be slow. Opera Mini is a great way to get better browsing on your BlackBerry. For free download, click Opera Mini

Navita Translator – Translate and Speak words, phrases from e-mails, Browser, SMS or typing in the software. Navita Translator translates more than 50 languages and is capable to speak languages like English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Russian. Main feature include send your translations to: Twitter, Mail, SMS, PIN, MEMO,supports English, Portuguese, spanish and chinese interfaces, free online support, compatible with all BlackBerry. devices. For free download click Navita Translator

Shazam – Loving that tune? With Shazam you can discover, buy and share music. Main features include Identify what song is playing (5 Tags per month), buy the track, share Tags with friends (by text, email, Twitter and Facebook), read track and album reviews, see what’s hot with Shazam’s Tag chart and search for music by artist and track. For free download click Shazam

Simple Screen Shot – Simple app does the simple job, capture any BlackBerry screen – for record keeping, for debugging, for evidence collection etc. Simple Screen Shot helps you keep the moment of truth or beauty on your BlackBerry. Picture is as clear as the screen itself. You specify the picture type (PNG, GIF, JPG or BMP). Simplest app; yet clearest picture. Simple Screen Shot

Advanced OS and LED – Free alternative to BeeBuzz. Add unrestricted features to your phone such as UNLIMITED CONTACT’S (Email & SMS & Calls)LED ID. Also LED customization for Battery & Network status, apps like BBM, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc and more for free unlike BeeBuzz. No restrictions at all and app is free. For download, click Advanced OS and LED.

ScoreMobile for BlackBerry – ScoreMobile is a true mobile application built from the ground up for all BlackBerry smartphones. We provide up to the minute sports scores, boxscores, player stats, betting odds, game previews, recaps, top stories, and league standings. In addition we publish exclusive live blogs for key games. For free download click ScoreMobile for BlackBerry

Adidas Micoach – Turn your phone into a personal coach. miCoach uses GPS and real-time voice coaching in your ear to pace you through easy to understand workout zones as you run. Choose a training plan tuned for your sport to build speed and endurance. Track and share your achievements with the app or at Be Faster with miCoach! For free download, click Adidas Micoach

Poynt – Use Poynt to find businesses, retailers, people, restaurants, movies, petrol prices, events and weather information around you. Poynt uses GPS or cell-site location to quickly deliver the information you need, whenever and wherever you need it. For free download, click Poynt

TXTLater – TXTLater schedules SMS, Email and Calls to be sent /invoked later at a future date directly from your BlackBerry. TXTLater allows you to schedule Email and SMS messages and Phone CALLS to be sent/scheduled at chosen date, time, and recurrence e.g. once, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. For download, click TXTLater. Update : TXTLater is no longer free anymore. You have to purchase app for $2.99.

Foursquare – Foursquare is all about helping you find new ways to explore the city. Earn points and unlock badges for discovering new places, doing new things and meeting new people. When you check-in someplace, we’ll tell your friends where they can find you and recommend places to go & things to do nearby. For free download, click Foursquare

eBay for BlackBerry – Stay connected to everything that’s important to you on eBay with the eBay application for BlackBerry smartphones. Search, watch, sell, bid or buy. Get reminders in your BlackBerry calendar when a listing is about to end, enjoy near real-time alerts when there’s another bid or you’ve won or sold an item, and pay for an item using your BlackBerry smartphone. For free download, click eBay for BlackBerry

For more updates on new apps just follow the blog or follow @harrym20 on Twitter. This post will be updated periodically with new apps. If you are looking for OTA links to BlackBerry apps then please get in touch.


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