BlackBerry 9810

Blackberry 9810

Blackberry Torch 9810 is a successor to original Torch series. There aren’t much physical changes but internally it has been significantly upgraded. 9810 has 3.2 inch touchscreen display( with resolution of 640×480) and with the addition of full QWERTY keypad that slides out and its great for typing those long emails and messages. Slide mechanism is smooth and the whole keyboard and touchscreen experience feels good. There is optical pad included which is great for navigation. The powerhouse of torch 2 is its 1.2GHz processor and 768 RAM which is definitely needed after the original Torch experience. Its great for multi-tasking and fast processing. It runs Blackberry OS 7, a follow up to the blackberry OS 6 on original torch. New features included are NFC ( Near Field Communication) and Universal search. NFC is a new contact less mobile payment service. Its new technology but is definetly the future of mobile banking. Universal help you find anything on the device. Type any file name or anything you want to search on the handset in the universal search. It’ll bring you all the results on the screen. It has received positive reviews from original torch users and is definitely a step forward. It also has new Social feeds that brings a whole new social networking experience to mobile. For browsing it has new webkit browser which is great improvement on old native browser. It load pages quickly. You get multi-touch support which means you can pinch for zoom in and out. On the back it has 5 Mega-Pixel camera with LED flash. It comes with selection of scene modes which gives a great photography experience. It supports video mode to capture those family videos. It supports geotagging service. Other features include media player which supports all the major audio formats. Speakers are of very good quality. For connectivity it has mobile network connections (3G), Wifi 802.11 b/g/n and bluetooth v2.0. On top of all this it has all the core blackberry services. Push email service is excellent and BBM is growing day by day and is great for staying in touch with friends and family.

blackberry torch 2 v blackberry torch

blackberry torch 2 v blackberry torch

blackberry software screen

blackberry software screen

Overall, it is a great upgrade to original torch. You get both the experience of QWERTY keypad and touchscreen. With all the additional features of NFC RIM is definitely making a step forward to get back into smartphone market. Blackberry 9810 is available worldwide from most of major mobile retailers. It is also available from AT&T now for $50 and 2 year commitment . Stay tune for more updates.
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Update : BlackBerry Torch 9810 makes an appearance on Vodafone UK website. According to the information on the Torch 9810 page, you can pick this BlackBerry 7 device up for as little as FREE on a £41/month contract.


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