BlackBerry PlayBook 4G

BlackBerry PlayBook 4G

BlackBerry PlayBook 4G is RIM’s first tablet with LTE (4G) support. After a very disappointing 2011 from canadian manufacturer, things are looking bright for near time future. At CES 2012, PlayBook OS 2.0 was shown off and critics were impressed with new features like native email, calendar & contacts app. PlayBook 4G was first rumored to release in summer 2011 but was scrapped to focus on BlackBerry 7 devices. According to 2012 roadmap RIM will be releasing two PlayBook 4G during Q4 of 2012. PlayBook 4G will feature 7-inch touchscreen display with the resolution of 1280×720 pixels. Highest resolution ever on any BlackBerry device. The powerhouse of device is 1.6GHz Dual core processor and 1.5 GB RAM. Other main features to look forward in PlayBook 4G is BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 (upgrade from PlayBook OS 2), LTE (4G) support, Wifi 802.11 b/g/n, 5 Mega Pixel rear camera capable of recording 1080p video, 3MP front facing camera for video conferencing, Native email, NFC technology and Android app player will be available on release but there are no signs of BlackBerry Messenger yet.

Overall, hardware is really impressive. But all eyes are on app ecosystem on BlackBerry 10. This can make or break RIM. PlayBook 4G will go on sale in Q4 of 2012. For European and rest of world there will be PlayBook 3G edition which will support 3G mobile connections. There is no official announcement from RIM but PlayBook 4G is expected to cost $299 for 16GB, $349 for 32GB edition. PlayBook 4G will directly compete against the likes of Google Nexus 7, Apple iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Amazon Kindle Fire 2. Stay tune or follow @harrym20 for more updates.

Update : BlackBerry PlayBook 4G will run PlayBook OS 2.1 – Next major update to OS 2.0. PlayBook 4G will support (only for PlayBook 4G) LTE connections and many more new features in addition like native BBM app. RIM is in final stage of integrating BBM code with PlayBook OS. PlayBook OS 2.1 will be available by Q4 of 2012 to all BlackBerry devices running QNX OS.

Update : BlackBerry PlayBook 4G has been spotted with OS (BlackBerry Fr). RIM might feature a preview of BlackBerry 10 in PlayBook 4G. This looks interesting and will no doubt boost sales for the PlayBook tablets.

Update : As reported earlier BlackBerry OS 2.1 will be rolled out for BlackBerry PlayBook next week. The above image with OS was just a developer loading a BlackBerry 10 dev alpha OS on the PlayBook.

Update : BlackBerry PlayBook 4G image leaked with rumored 10-inch PlayBook tablet. 10-inch PlayBook was initially scheduled for release this year but was scrapped in 2011 to focus on BlackBerry 10.


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