BBM Channels

BBM Channels is the new social media platform from canadian manufacturer BlackBerry. Anyone on BBM can create their own channel and others can follow them to receive updates. It is mainly aimed at brands and celebrities who can stay in touch with fans and interact via Channels. The BBM channels will be available on all BlackBerry smartphones running OS 5 or higher. In addition to that BlackBerry will be bringing BBM to iOS and Android devices later this summer. It is exciting for the platform and BBM Channels will help to overcome the loss of service revenue that is lost with the sales of latest BlackBerry 10 devices. Stay tuned for more updates or follow @harrym20 on Twitter.

BBM Channel PIN : C000D98CC


Update : BBM is coming soon to iOS and Android on June 27th. BBM channels will come pre-installed with BlackBerry’s next software update, BlackBerry 10.2 OS.


Update : New reports suggest that BBM will be available to download on Android smartphones from June 27th.

Update : BlackBerry confirmed that BBM is not coming to Android and iOS devices on June 27th. BBM for iOS and Android is still scheduled for late summer release.

BBM on Samsung Galaxy S III

BBM on Samsung Galaxy S III

Update : BlackBerry will monetize BBM Channels with new Sponsored Invites feature.

Update : Google pulls a Fake BBM Android app from its Google Play Store. The good thing to take from this is that app was downloaded over 100k times. Cross platform bbm is going to be a big hit when it comes to iOS and Android. The real BBM app is still scheduled for summer release.

Update : According to Managing Director of BlackBerry India Sunil Lalvani, BBM for Android is coming in September. When asked about Android release he said, “The service is coming to Android this summer. But summer as per North America, where it remains till September.”

Update : BlackBerry updated BBM Channels in Beta Zone. The update brings new Channel Chat, Search improvements and many more features.

Update : BBM for Android sign-in screen spotted on Samsung Galaxy S3. It is expected to launch by the end of 2013 summer. (Image credit : BGR)


Update : BlackBerry is sending beta invites to selected users to try out its new BBM for iOS and Android app. (Image credit : BlackBerryOS)

Update : BlackBerry is going to release a new update for BBM Channels adding threaded comments and access to posts from the updates feed.

New Features Available in this new update:

1. Multi-Threaded Comments- don’t worry about your comments getting lost ever again! Reply directly to comments to have more engaging conversations in BBM Channels.

2. Delete Comments– manage the content posted in your channel.

3. Date of Birth Verification – authenticate yourself when you sign up for Channels so we are providing the correct experience for your age group.

4.  Office Hours – let subscribers know when you’re available to chat! Set office hours from your channel profile so subscribers know when you can be reached.

5.  Enhanced BlackBerry 10 Updates Tab within BBM: liking and commenting has never been easier. You can now like and comment on your favourite posts straight from the updates tab! You can also ‘tap’ on pictures from a Channel post to see them grow full size.

6. Verified Badge – no need to wonder if the channel you’re following is authentic. Now you can look for the verified badge for selected channels in profile, search results, and carousel. Check out the Blue Jays and BlackBerry Channel for some examples of how badging looks!

7. Reporting Content – you can now report channels, posts, and comments as inappropriate so BlackBerry can review and address.

Update : Samsung has officially announced that BBM app is coming soon and will be available to download from Samsung and Google App Store.

Update : New version of BBM Channels is now available to download from BlackBerry Beta Zone.

New Features Available in this Release:

1. New Updates Tab: A new, easily accessible updates filter can now be found in the Updates section! Effortlessly switch your updates view between ‘All’, ‘Contacts’ and ‘Channels’.

2. Comments with PIN or CPIN are now Blocked: getting sick of spam? Wish people would stop posting their PIN in comments? Now your subscribers won’t be able to post their personal PIN or Channel PIN in the comments.

3. “Start Chat” Button: From the Chats tab you can now quickly start a BBM Chat with a contact by selecting the new chat icon!

Download new update from here.

Update : BBM user guides for Android and iOS are now available to download from BlackBerry support.

Update : According to WSJ, BBM could become a subsidiary of BlackBerry and will focus solely on BBM across BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices. This move signals that the canadian company is trying to position BBM as a valuable asset ahead of potential sale.

Update : BBM for Android and iOS landing page now live on BlackBerry website. (BBM for Android )

Update : BBM Channels update v10.2.20.32 now available to download from BlackBerry Beta Zone.

New features available in this release :

Upload pictures of all sizes: square photos hindering your posts? Now you will not need to crop or edit images before posting from the device!

Moderate Inappropriate Comments & Posts: Channel owners will now easily be able to manage channel feedback and easily remove complaints, comments, or posts all in one place!

Enhanced Stats Screen: channel owners now have more detail on how subscribers joined with a new, fresh-looking UI.

Channels Restriction by Age and Location: configured from the CMC, channel owners can now restrict access to their channel to users from specific countries or below a certain age.

Private Channels: create a channel for just you, and select friends and family! You can now create private channels, limiting access to only those invited by the channel owner.  

Channel Categories: users can now specify a category when creating a channel!

Enhanced Channels Carousel (BlackBerry 10 Only): channels carousel has a new look and feel!  Featured channels now have their own tab and users have direct access to search right from the main BBM Channels screen.

Geolocation Prompt: BBM Channels now prompts users for consent to use their location to enhance search results and channel discovery.        

Search Enhancements: Users can now join a channel straight from the search results page! Check out the new indicators in your search results to learn information like number of subscribers right from search.

The new update is now available to download from here.

Update : According to a tweet from BlackBerry’s Senior Strategic Account Manager Alex Kinsella on Sep 6th, BBM for iPhone app was submitted for review 2 weeks ago. Apple’s approval process typically takes about 5 business days. So something is keeping BBM from getting approved for Apple’s App store.

Update : A new BBM Channels build is now available to download from BlackBerry Beta Zone. It looks like the final release ahead of the rumored cross platform BBM app launch on September 18th.

Update : BBM for Android and iPhone will be officially unveiled at a press event in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 19th. The BBM for iPhone app will be available to download from September 20th.

Update : BlackBerry officially announced that BBM for Android and iPhone will be rolled out around the world from September 21st. BBM will be available as a free download for Android smartphones running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean on September 21st. BBM for iPhones running iOS 6 and iOS 7 will become available on September 22nd.

Update : BBM for Android and iPhone is now officially available to download from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Update : BlackBerry are pausing the global roll out of BBM for Android and iPhone to fix issues with an unreleased version of BBM for Android.. Prior to launching official BBM for Android, an unreleased version of BBM for Android app was posted online. There were more than 1.1 million active users in the first 8 hours. Customers who have already downloaded BBM for iPhone will be able to continue to use BBM.

Update : BlackBerry unveils new BBM for Desktop app at BlackBerry Jam Asia on Sep 26th. BBM will be available on Desktop via a Windows bridge app. It is similar to bridge app on PlayBook. There is no official information available on the availability.

Update : BlackBerry has officially resume the rollout of BBM for Android and iPhone customers around the globe. The app will be available to download for free from Google Play, the App Store and selected Samsung App Stores.

BBM Roll Out Details :

1. Download BBM – the easiest way is to visit from your Android or iPhone browser.

2. Once you install the app, open it, and enter your email address to hold your spot in line

3. BlackBerry will email you as soon as you reach at the front of the line and then you can start using BBM.

If you are among the millions that took the time to sign up at, then you can start using BBM immediately without waiting in line.

Links for BBM app in Google Play and App Store

BBM for Android

BBM for iPhone

Update : In less than 24 hour since official launch, BBM app has climbed to top of the free iPhone Apps chart.

Update : BlackBerry officially announced that within 24 hours BBM has been downloaded over 10 million times by Android and iPhone users. It is one of the best single day openings for a mobile app to date.

Update : According to a new report, BBM Channels, the social networking platform for BBM community will be rolled out to iPhone and Android users by the end of this year. The successful BBM launch (10 million app downloads in twenty four hours) will certainly bring some hope for the struggling Canadian company. “We committed to delivering a BBM experience on iPhone and Android that was equal to that on BlackBerry 10. That means bringing BBM Video, BBM Voice and BBM Channels to Android and iPhone customers too. My team is still committed to bringing those features to BBM on Android and iPhone in near future”, says BlackBerry EVP Andrew Bocking. The BBM will turn a profit through a combination of marketing and advertising in BBM Channels. BBM Channels is a social networking platform for BBM community.

Update : BBM for Android and iPhone is proving to be a huge success. Over 10 million app downloads within 24 hour of launch. BBM is still topping the iPhone App Chart in 73 countries. And now #BBM hashtag on Instagram is fast approaching 1 million results. People are sharing their BBM PIN on Instagram and showing their support for the cross platform app.

Update : BlackBerry has officially announced that BBM has over 80 million monthly active users, including over 20 million new users on Android and iPhone devices. During its first week, BBM was the top free overall app in 35 countries in Google Play and in 107 countries in the App Store, and continues to maintain a strong position in key markets such as Canada, the US, the UK, Indonesia and much of the Middle East. BBM has added 20 million new subscribers since the launch of cross platform app.

Update : BBM Channels updated to v10.2.15.65.

New Features Available in this Release :

1. Spread the word out about BBM on iPhone and Android to your friends and family.

2. When you upgrade an automatic personal message (BBM status) will alert your contacts about Multi-Platform BBM availability and how they can download!

3. Easily spread the word across other mediums such as Twitter and Facebook with a new button that allows you to “Share the News”.
4. Ability to Block Channel Subscribers: you will now be able to block individuals from commenting and reposting in your channel right from the channel comments.
5. For OS 10.2 Users Only: Black Theme: You now have the ability to set a light or dark theme for BBM!

You can download the latest update from here.

Update : According to a new report, BBM remains the Number One iPhone download in 27 countries and Top Five download in 50 countries. BBM is showing great results on app download charts across the world. BBM is in process of establishing itself as a strong messaging app contender across Latin America, Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. In the US, the App has plunged out of Top 100 iPhone app Chart.

Update : Blackberry has acquired software developer Scroon in May as part of a strategy to profit from cross platform BBM app. The French startup manages Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts for large clients like luxury good maker LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA, wireless operator Orange SA and Warner Bros. Entertainment. BlackBerry is hoping that new features like BBM Channels will eventually create opportunities for advertisers to target users by sponsoring posts and generate revenue for the struggling company.

Update : BlackBerry’s new social media platform, BBM Channels will be officially available to download from BlackBerry World in few hours time (November 26th). It will be available for all BlackBerry users running BlackBerry OS 5 (and above) and BlackBerry 10 OS. BlackBerry users can simply download the latest version of BBM to get access to BBM Channels.

Update : `Blackberry officially announced that BBM will soon come pre-installed on variety of Android Smartphones from leading OEMs across Africa, India, Indonesia, Latin America and the Middle East. Beginning next month, Android smartphones from Be, Brightstar, Celkon, Evercross, IMO, Micromax, Mito, Snexian, Spice, Tecno, TiPhone and Zen will come pre-installed with BBM Messaging App. In addition, BlackBerry confirmed that BBM will also continue to be available as a free download from Android app stores, including Google Play Store.

Update : BBM Channels is now officially available to download from the BlackBerry World. Initially, it is only available to for Blackberry smartphones running OS 5 (and above) and BlackBerry 10 OS. BBM Channels will be rolled out for BBM on Android and iOS in the coming months.


Update : BlackBerry is kicking off holiday season with s brand new BBM Contest. Sharing BBM can now win you an amazing $4500 weekend getaway to New York, Los Angeles or Toronto. You pick the city. You decide what stuff you want to do, and BlackBerry will make it happen. You can also choose which friend you want to share the experience with. BlackBerry is also giving you weekly chances to win tickets, gift cards and more. You could win two tickets to see Toronto take on Detroit on New Year’s Day at Michigan Stadium. In addition to that you could win two tickets to a hometown sporting event in your city. Visit and share your PIN. (This promotion is only available to US and Canadian residents)

Update : BlackBerry’s popular instant messaging app BBM will soon come pre-installed on LG smartphones. The LG G Pro Lite will be the first LG device to come pre-installed with BBM. It will also continue to be available as a free download from Android app stores, including Google Play.

Update : BlackBerry is testing a Snapchat like feature for its popular BBM messaging app. It will allow BBM users to send pictures and messages that will self destruct after few seconds. There are now over 80 million subscribers around the world and an average BBM user spends 90 minutes a day using the service. BlackBerry is expected make monetize BBM through BBM Channels. It will launch BBM Channels on Android and iPhone versions in the coming months.

Update : BlackBerry has officially announced that BBM is used by more than 85% of BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) enabled companies to drive mobile collaboration and improve productivity. BBM on BlackBerry smartphones with BES offers companies in regulated industries the ability to log, archive and audit BBM messages. “While BBM among business customers may have started organically, we know organizations choose BBM today to improve communications and collaboration. Employees get an amazing messaging experience that gives them immediate, active conversations with their peers, which helps drive better communications and collaboration, and improves mobile productivity,” said Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice President of BBM at BlackBerry. “Organizations in regulated industries that need to meet compliance requirements can use BBM on BlackBerry smartphones with BES, which provides them with the ability to track and log BBM communications.”

Update : BlackBerry will launch BBM Voice and BBM Channels for Android and iPhone versions in the coming months.




Update : A new version of BBM for Android Beta is now available to download from BlackBerry Beta Zone. The Beta update includes BBM Channels, a social network where users post messages and pictures. It is like a mixture of Facebook, twitter and Instagram. The update also includes BBM Voice, which allows Android users to make free calls over WiFi or 3G mobile connection to other BBM users. There is no official information on when the update will be rolled out to all Android and iOS users.

Update : BBM 2.0 for iPhone Demo

Update : According to a new report, BlackBerry has confirmed that it has no plans to bring cross-platform BBM app to Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. “Our initial launch on iOS and Android was a function of the prevalence of those platforms”, BlackBerry’s Senior Director of BBM business development David Proulx said in an interview to TrustedRevies. He added, “As other platforms emerge, whichever they may be, we will execute on those platforms as well. It is not a statement of intent, and it’s not a strategic or religious thing, it’s just a function of when does it make sense and when is it something that consumers demand in sufficient numbers to make it worth our while and worth their while.

Update : BlackBerry has officially announced that BBM will soon be available to download for Android devices running Gingerbread (v2.3.3+) OS. The BBM app is in final development phase and is expected to launch in February 2014.


Update : BlackBerry has officially announced that BBM 2.0 will soon be available to download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It will bring BBM Voice and BBM Channels to iOS and Android users. The BBM 2.0 will also come with a new Location sharing feature which will be powered by Glympse. It is a great way to share your live location for a specific amount of time. Choose how long you want to share your location for by setting the timer – when the timer runs out your location is private again. The new release of BBM also includes 100 great new emoticons that you can use to bring some fun to your chats. In addition to that BBM 2.0 supports Dropbox integration.

Update : A new update for BBM for BlackBerry 10 is now officially available to download from BlackBerry World.

What’s new in BBM v10.3.3.68

Faster, easier sharing – quickly add photos, voice notes, files, and attachments to your BBM chats from your smartphone or Dropbox account.

Location sharing – Share your location temporarily, powered by Glympse. Your location is updated live on a map, right in BBM. When the timer runs out your location is private again.

100 new emoticons – Get your point across with great new emojis

Find Friends – Quickly find and add new BBM contacts from your smartphone contact list.

Larger BBM Groups – You can now chat and share with 50 people in your BBM group.

Update : BBM for Android Gingerbread is now officially available to download from Google Play Store or via OTA from The Android Gingerbread users can now start to enjoy the benefits of cross-platform BBM app.

Update : BlackBerry has officially announced that Stickers will be coming soon to BBM in near future. Unlike emoticons, stickers are bolder, more beautiful images that you can add right in to your chat. Stickers will be available to purchase from the new BBM Shop, found right inside BBM.


Update : BlackBerry has officially announced that BBM for Windows Phone and Nokia X smartphones will be available to download in the coming months. “BBM continues to grow in popularity as millions of people use our mobile platform for chatting and connecting with friends or colleagues, and we are very excited that we will soon welcome Windows Phone and Nokia X users to the BBM community,” said John Sims, President, Global Enterprise Solutions at BlackBerry.

BBM will be available as a free download from the Windows Phone Store this summer. BBM for Nokia X will be available from the Nokia Store.

Update : According to a new re/code report, BlackBerry is working with potential partners to add money transfer to BBM. It is mainly aimed at emerging markets where BBM is hugely popular these days. “We’re meeting with partners and we are exploring the market,” BlackBerry Enterprise Chief John Sims said in an interview with Re/code. “Money movement is an important thing.”

Update : According to Jeff Gadway, head of product and brand marketing for BBM, the next release of BBM app will support photo sharing in multi-person chats and allow users to share media file of upto 16MB.

Over the last couple of weeks there’s been a lot of news coming out of the BBM team at BlackBerry. Earlier this week we introduced you to the eBBM Suite and BBM Protected, as well as announced that BBM would be coming to Windows Phone and Nokia X. Last week we shared that stickers would be coming to BBM in the new BBM Shop. Now we want to tell you a bit more about some of the other things you’ll find in the next version of BBM.

With millions of you depending on BBM to connect with your most important contacts, we want to provide the best messaging experience possible. So, we’re taking your feedback and we’re trying to knock it out of the park by bringing new features and improvements to BBM on a regular basis. We know customers want to be able to share pics with multiple people in a chat. The next release of BBM will support photo sharing in multi person chats. This comes as an addition to existing sharing options that exist in multi person chats – sending voice notes, sharing your location powered by Glympse, and sending files from your Dropbox account. We also understand that customers want to be able to send larger files through BBM. While our file size limit on shared files has historically been set at 6MB, we’re increasing this to 16MB in the next release of BBM. What this means is that you’ll be able to send bigger pictures, larger documents and longer videos. For example, the 6MB transfer limit today allows you to send 6 seconds of 1080p HD video (recorded on a BlackBerry Z30 smartphone). With the increase to 16MB, you will be able to send 16 seconds of video using the same settings. We’ve also increased the size of the emoticons slightly after feedback from you, our customers.

We’re listening carefully to the feedback users are providing and follow posts to fan forums and the BlackBerry support page closely. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us and please keep it coming!

Jeff Gadway

Update : BlackBerry CEO John Chen hit back against Good Technology after it claims that customers were seeking their services because BlackBerry cannot handle multiple platforms. “BlackBerry has provided multi-platform OS management for nearly 2 years now, so let’s put that to rest. Good Technology may talk about 5,000 customers but with 30,000 new BES10 servers installed in the past year alone, I’d argue that we’re the ones getting the calls from customers,”John Chen said in a blog post. He added, “We’re fully transparent with our customers about what they get from us; our new pricing structure is crystal clear and most importantly, unlike other companies, when we say something is free, we mean that it’s free.

Update : in a latest blog post, Jeff Gadway, head of product and brand marketing for BBM, has explained how advertising will take place in BBM. BBM Chats feature that we love will be untouched.

There will be three ways to promote BBM Channels content on BBM.

1. Featured Placements : BBM Channels will have the ability to secure space on the Featured Channels Tab to promote their channel.

2. Sponsored Invites : BBM Channel owners will have the ability to invite BBM users to join their channel. These invites will appear in the invites tab of BBM. As with invites from contacts, BBM users will have the control to accept the invite from the channel owner or decline the invite.

3. Sponsored Posts : BBM Channels owners can place sponsored posts alongside updates from BBM contacts and BBM Channels. These posts will be clearly labelled as sponsored posts.


Update : BBM has been updated in BlackBerry Beta Zone to version, bringing sponsored posts, bigger attachments and more features.

Update : According to a new report, BlackBerry is considering to allow BBM users to customize their BBM PINs. BlackBerry have sent out a survey (screenshot pictured below) asking BBM users if they are interested in customizing their BBM PINs.



Update : BBM Notifications arrives on Pebble via Talk2Watch Pro app. The app is now officially available to download from BlackBerry World.

Update : According to new report, BlackBerry is considering to bring BBM to Desktop PCs. “We are certainly going to take a very serious look at putting BBM on the desktop,”BlackBerry CEO John Chen said in an interview. Such a move would allow employees of big companies and government agencies to go mobile on group chats started on their Desktop PCs. In addition to that John Chen announced that there are now 500k BBM Channels, up from 200k BBM Channels four months ago. There are now 85 million monthly active users and 115 million registered users on BBM.

Update : BlackBerry CEO John Chen has confirmed that BBM will arrive on Windows Phone platform in the second quarter of 2014. It will be pre-loaded on Nokia devices in selected regions, including some Lumia smartphones.

Update : BBM Chats Just Got More Fun with the introduction of Stickers

BlackBerry has officially announced an update of BBM, that brings Stickers, multi-person photo sharing and larger file transfers to the popular cross platform messaging app.

Stickers are another great example of how we’re making the BBM experience more engaging and fun for our customers,” said David Proulx, Senior Director, BBM at BlackBerry. “Stickers let you personalize your chats and strike the right chord with people around the world who rely on stickers in chats when they connect with colleagues, family, friends, peers and partners.”

New Features includes :

1. BBM Stickers : Add some more fun to your BBM chats with the introduction of stickers available in the new BBM Shop.

2. Send Larger Files : Send larger files (up to 16MB on BlackBerry 10, Android and iPhone) so you can share higher quality photos, longer videos and bigger attachment.

3. Multi-Person Photo Sharing : Share pictures in multi-person chats making it easy to send a picture several people and chat about it together.

Update : As BBM introduces Stickers Line surpasses 400 million registered users.

Since the launch of the LINE service on June 23, 2011, it has grown into a global communications app that lets users communicate through voice and video calls as well as stickers and text messages. Along with the rising number of users, the amount of communication made through LINE has also skyrocketed. Since the start of 2014, records have been set for the daily usage of chat messages (10 billion/day), sticker messages (1.8 billion/day), and phone calls (over 12 million/day).

LINE is also continuously adding new features to its service, such as LINE Call, announced this February as a feature that allows users to call landlines and cellular phones for low prices, and the LINE Creators Market, where users can create and sell their own original stickers.

BlackBerry has to do a lot more than stickers to catch up with leading messaging apps like WhatsApp and Line. WhatsApp has recently announced that it has reached new milestone of processing 64 Billion messages in just 24 hours. Out of the 64 billion processed messages, 20 billion were sent, while 44 billion messages were received.

Update : According to Forbes report, BBM has rocketed up the iPhone sales chart in key Asian and African markets thanks to new BBM Stickers launch.

The early signs are highly positive. In Africa’s biggest smartphone market, South Africa, BBM has rocketed to #3 on iPhone Social Networking app chart measured by revenue generation. It is worth noting that the Asian sticker giants LINE and WeChat are at #22 and #37. In South-East Asia’s keystone app market, Indonesia, BBM is also already at #3 on Social Networking revenue chart, with rivals LINE at #1, Path at #2, Viber at #6, KakaoTalk at #14 and WeChat at #18. Indonesia has been a battleground for all leading messaging apps. Immediately after the sticker feature debut, BBM started beating far more established rivals with bigger user bases. It’s certainly interesting that BBM is already performing on par with Viber in app sales considering Viber was recently valued at nearly $1B and it has a long head start over BBM in offering in-app purchases. BBM is a Top 100 app measured in revenue generation in 10 countries. The new feature also seems to be goosing download volumes, as BBM is moving back to Top 50 iPhone download status in UK, Canada and India.

This is a huge opportunity for BlackBerry to bring new revenue to the struggling company.

Update : According to a new report, BlackBerry may launch a Skype-like VoIP service in future.

“The Skype model is one possibility. There are also other approaches that we can take in terms of monetisation,” said David Proulx, BlackBerry’s Senior Director of BBM Business Development.

“We are still investing in the organic elements that drive users. Any monetisation is driven by large user base. Our idea is to take BBM to as many end-points as possible,” he added.

We are not taking one particular approach. Instead we are taking a portfolio approach in terms of commercialisation. This provides us with an avenue to either accelerate or decelerate according to our requirement,” he said.

Update : BBM Protected Setup and Demo Video

Update : BBM v2.2 for iPhone and Android Coming Soon

BlackBerry has officially announced that a new update (v2.2) will be rolled out for users on iPhone and Android platform. New features include Easier Sign-up and easier friending. In addition to that it will come with 16 new BBM emoticons. BBM v2.2 is now officially available to download from Google Play Store. Apple’s iPhone users will get the update in next few as whereas BlackBerry and BBOS users will get it in next few weeks.

Update : BBM Now Officially Available Download from Windows Phone Store


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