Samsung Galaxy X


The Galaxy X is rumored to be the code name for the world’s first foldable smartphone from Korea giant Samsung featuring Google’s Android OS. According to ET News, it will have a 5-inch display when folded and 7-inch display when fully opened. The Samsung Galaxy X is also rumored to feature a 4K display resolution.

Rests of the specs are still unknown but Samsung is expected to launch Galaxy X in 2017. Stay tuned for more updates.

Update : Alleged Samsung Galaxy X Design Leaked in New Patent


According to a new patent, Samsung is working on a new design for its flagship foldable smartphone which is expected to launch in 2017.


Update : Samsung Rumored to Launch Flexible Display Smartphones in 2017

According to a new Bloomberg report, Samsung will launch its first smartphone with flexible display in 2017.

Update: Samsung Foldable Smartphone Concept Leaked in New Images

Update: Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Galaxy X Launch delayed till 2019

According to a new report, Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy X will be launched in 2019.



“Because the bezel-free display currently sells well, we still have enough time to develop foldable display. The technology is expected to be mature around 2019,”
said Kim Tae-woong, Samsung Display’s principal engineer, at the Display TechSalon held in Seoul.



Update: Samsung’s foldable smartphone Galaxy X receives Bluetooth certification



Update: Samsung is rumored to launch a foldable Galaxy Note smartphone in 2018



According to Koh Dong-Jin, president of Samsung’s mobile business, Samsung is expected to launch a smartphone with bendable OLED display in 2018.



Koh said: “As the head of the business, I can say our current goal is next year. When we can overcome some problems for sure, we will launch the product.”




Update: Samsung’s foldable smartphone Galaxy X gets certified in South Korean ahead of official launch




Update: Samsung is rumored to launch limited Galaxy X smartphones at launch
According to a new report from Forbes, Samsung will launch limited Galaxy X smartphones at launch. The new foldable smartphone will only be available to purchase in South Korea.



Update: Alleged Samsung Galaxy X design revealed in new patent application





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Update: Samsung Galaxy X support page goes live on Samsung’s official website