BlackBerry SmartWatch


BlackBerry SmartWatch Concept

BlackBerry is rumored to be working on its first wearable device, BlackBerry SmartWatch. Apple has at last joined the SmartWatch bandwagon by launching Apple Watch. BlackBerry will follow other smartphone rivals by launching its own wearable device.

“We’re doing internal research on different wearables,” said John Sims, president of BlackBerry enterprise solutions, in an interview at Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas. “I would love to have BBM on a wearable, he added. “It’s definitely an area of research for us.”

The specifications are still unknown but BlackBerry is expected to launch this device sometime in 2015. Stay tuned for more updates.


Update : According to Bloomberg report, BlackBerry has won at least 27 new U.S. Patents including ones for conference calling and wearable devices. Among the patents are security features and a user interface for a conference calling system. BlackBerry CEO John Chen said in September that BBM Meetings, a video conferencing service, would debut by the end of this year.

Update : BlackBerry SmartWatch Design Concept by AK Designs