SensaBubble – New Way To Get Notifications

Are you bored with the same notifications sound you hear every time you get a message. In future SensaBubble can deliver notifications via Scented Bubbles.

Researchers at Bristol University have developed a new machine that can produce bubbles onto which images can be projected and when burst release a scent. The ‘chrono-sensory mid-air display system’ shows how bubbles of varying sizes and different scents can be created and then tracked so that images can be projected on them. When the bubbles burst they release their scent and can display anything from a logo to a notification, email alert or an advert.

The SensaBubble can create bubbles in three different sizes and frequencies, controlling their flight path, tracking their location in mid-air and projecting an image on to their surfaces using the opacity of the bubble as a screen.

“The human sense of smell is powerful, but there are few research systems that explore and examine ways to use it. We have taken the first steps to explore how smell can be used to enhance and last longer in a visual object such as a soap bubble,” says Sriram Subramanian, professor of Human-Computer Interaction in the Interaction and Graphics group at Bristol University.

The SensaBubble will be unveiled at the Computer Human Interaction conference in Toronto. It is one of the world’s most important human computer interface conferences this year (between April 26 and May 1). Stay tuned for more updates.