ZTE Eco-Mobius Modular Smartphone


Eco-Mobius will be the next generation modular smartphone from Chinese manufacturer ZTE featuring replaceable modules that can be easily assembled and upgraded. Unlike Motorola Project Ara, the Eco Mobius is divided into four independent modules – display, core, battery and camera. These modules are easily replaceable and are assembled via sliding tracks. The display module includes the screen and camera lens. The core module consists of CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM and other electronic attachments. The module exchange mechanism makes the most of materials, reducing environmental pressure from waste and pollution.


The Eco Mobius smartphone is powered by cost effective core with multiple functions. In addition to that it comes with a replaceable battery module. The Eco Mobius concept has already won the Red Dot Design award to prove that modular design can be the future of Smartphone. There is no further information available on the Eco Mobius smartphone. Stay tuned for more updates.