Nokia SmartWatch

The SmartWatch trend is gaining momentum since the launch of Pebble earlier this year. Recently, Samsung entered the market with its first SmartWatch, Galaxy Gear. Now, Nokia is rumored to be working on its first SmartWatch. The latest report published by The Patent and Trademark Office describes a modular watch that allows user to customise it in multiple ways. It says that each segment of the watch would have a display that has been customised to a specific function, which can be accessed by simply turning the watch around. In addition to that it looks like Nokia SmartWatch will be getting a Windows Phone like lock screen. The Nokia SmartWatch is expected to launch sometime during second half of 2014. It will compete against other SmartWatches like Apple iWatch, Martian Passport SmartWatch and Toshiba SmartWatch. Stay tuned for more updates or follow @harrym20 on Twitter.

Update : Nokia is rumored to launch its first SmartWatch at a press event in San Francisco on April 2nd 2014.



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