HTC One Tablet


HTC One Tablet is rumored to be the next flagship tablet from Taiwanese manufacturer HTC featuring Google’s Jelly Bean OS. The design of the tablet is based on HTC’s latest flagship smartphone HTC One. According to a new leaked image (pictured above), HTC One Tablet will feature a 7-inch display. There is no further information available on the tablet but it is expected to launch by the end of year. HTC is also expected to launch its next flagship phablet One Max during Q4 of 2013. Stay tuned for more updates or follow @harrym20 on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “HTC One Tablet

  1. I think the 7 inch size makes more sense than the 8 inch for phablets
    It will perfectly fit into your Jacket pocket while 8 inch seems little too big for that
    but it should be still a phablet with telephone features…
    For the normal surfing i would prefer 10-12 inch Tablets
    Personally i prefer the 5 inch normal smartphone and as a Jacket-season alternative the 7 inch Phablet and for homesurfing or for the bag a 12 inch size Tablet
    I hope also more company’s offer a case like Alcatel with this E-ink option
    as still at least all OLED Displays are not usable outside to be honest…

    • It looks like 7-inch tablets will be replaced by phablets in near future. Sony Xperia Z Ultra already features a 6.4-inch display which is great for playing games and watching movies.

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