Nymi Bracelet

Forget fingerprint scanner, the Nymi bracelet authenticates your identity by using your heartbeat. The Toronto based startup Bionym thinks that future of authentication methods relies on heartbeat. Like a fingerprint, a heartbeat is unique and is lot harder to hack. The Nymi use your unique cardiac rhythm to authenticate your identity, allowing you to wirelessly take control of your computer, smartphone, car and other electronic devices. It is constantly authenticating your identity as it wirelessly interacts with devices.

The Nymi functions on a 3 factor security system. To take control of your identity you must have your Nymi, your unique heartbeat and an Authorized Authentication Device (AAD) that is registered with Nymi app. The Nymi uses Bluetooth Low Energy to transfer your data while maximizing your battery life. With an integrated accelerometer and gyroscope, your Nymi can pick up on your movements, allowing for simple gesture recognition. The Nymi is now available to pre-order for $79 (introductory price for first 25,000 people). Shipping is scheduled for early 2014. Stay tuned for more updates or follow @harrym20 on Twitter.


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