Kreyos Meteor Watch

Kreyos Meteor Watch is world’s first and only smartwatch to feature both voice and gesture controls. In size, it measures 47.5 x 33.4 x 13.35 mm and packs an ultra low power 1.26-inch Memory LCD display with resolution of 144 x 168 pixels. The Meteor watch features a microphone which once paired with smartphone via Bluetooth allows the user to remotely activate Siri or Google Now. It can be used to do everything that a phone’s voice command system is capable to do. This includes composing emails, replying to text messages, posting status to social networks, setting alarms, changing music and answering or making calls. The Meteor Watch also comes with a three-axis gyroscope and an accelerometer which allows user to control watch and phone with wrist movements. The four directional gestures (Left, Right, Up and Down) are pre-configured.

The Meteor Watch can be worn on a wrist with a strap, on a belt with a clip or with a lanyard around the neck. All of which come in variety of colors like black, white, pink, blue and lime. The Meteor Watch comes pre-installed with fitness apps that help users to get on top of their game by giving real time data and an analysis of performance after exercise. Kreyos is also working on a SDK that will allow third party developers to create custom software for Meteor Watch.

The Meteor Watch is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 smartphones. It comes with a powerful 150mAh rechargeable battery that is expected to last whole week on average use. It is also water resistant to 5m. On to price and availability, the Meteor Watch will retail at $169 (£110) and is expected to be delivered to Indiegogo backers in November 2013. The Indiegogo campaign will end on August 8th 2013 and to pre-order your watch click here. The Meteor Watch will compete against other SmartWatches like Pebble Watch, New I’m Watch , Samsung Galaxy Watch, Microsoft Surface Watch and Apple iWatch . Stay tuned for more updates or follow @harrym20 on Twitter.


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