Power Pocket

Recharge Sleeping Bag

Recharge Sleeping Bag

Power Pocket is the new smartphone charging technology develop by Vodafone in partnership with Electronics and Computer Science Department at University of Southampton. It is built into Power Shorts and the Recharge sleeping bag which can be used to recharge a Smartphone. The Power Pocket is made up of Thermoelectric module in which lots of thermocouples are first printed and then connected to each other. One side of module is cold and other is hot, and when heat is passed through it creates a voltage and current which equals electrical power. The human body provides heat on the inside layer and the outside temperature is cold. The difference between that temperature provides power (Seebeck Effect). Eight hours in the sleeping bag gives talk time of up to 24 mins and 11 hours of Standby time. A full day of walking and dancing in Power Pocket Shorts will charge a smartphone for four hours.

Power Pocket Shorts

Power Pocket Shorts

Vodafone is testing Power Pockets and Recharge sleeping bag throughout the music festival season in next few weeks. There is no official date for public release yet but this is definitely the future of Smartphone Charging. Stay tuned for more updates or follow @harrym20 on Twitter.


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