Microsoft Digits Sensor

Digits Sensor is Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Project Glass. It is not quite similar to Project Glass but one thing is sure that wearable technology will go mainstream in next few years. Microsoft’s Digits Sensor is a wrist worn sensor (just like a bracelet) that creates a 3D model of user’s hand movements in real time. It is a part of the project to create a device that will allow users to control other multiple devices using hand gestures. It can be used as a virtual TV control and to play video games. Digits Sensor can also be used to control smartphones just by using hand gestures. It is more comfortable than sensor gloves. Microsoft want users to be able to interact spontaneously with their electronic devices using simple gestures and not even have to reach for their devices.

Digits sensor can be used in following manners :
1. Twisting an imaginary dial to raise volume of music playing from a radio or TV.
2. A user typing imaginary numbers to dial a number on a smartphone without having to take it out of the pocket.
3. Play Video games without a controller. For example, Player can use their hand as a virtual gun, pointing a finger out to resemble a weapon and pressing down their thumb to fire a shot.
4. 3D gesture controls for tablets. For example, by closing their palm a user could zoom into an image while opening would reverse the move.

The advantage of Digits sensor over other gesture sensors is that it could be used with multiple devices. Microsoft’s target is to reduce digits sensor to the size of a watch so users can wear it comfortably. Microsoft acknowledged that current prototype is not ready for the market yet. It still needs to be attached to a PC to carry out necessary tasks. Digits sensor is a great project from Microsoft and will bring rewards in the end. Stay tuned for more updates or follow @harrym20 on Twitter.


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