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Project Glass is Google’s program to develop an Augmented reality Head Mounted Display (HMD). The purpose of HMD is the hands free displaying of information currently available to most smartphone users and to interact with internet via natural language voice commands. The Glass headset includes a camera that captures pictures, has a processor and memory to store data, a microphone to send and receive voice commands & multiple radios for mobile data communication. Google Glass display is positioned just above a user’s eye so that it doesn’t cause a distraction. Product glass will run Google’s customize Android OS. The social network platforms will be deeply integrated with the OS. Prototype Glass Explorer edition will be available to United States Google I/O developers for $1500, shipping early in 2013. There are no further details released on this project. For more details please follow @harrym20 on twitter.

Update : Google confirmed that Google Glass will support prescription lenses at launch.

Update : Google Glass will support facial recognition in near future in a form of new hack from Lamda Labs but it will not be available at launch.

Update : Google confirmed that Google Glass will not support any kind of facial recognition without strong privacy protections in place.

Update : Google released a new update for Google Glass which delivers improved voice controls and support full web browser.

Update : New reports from Taiwan suggest that Google Glass will go on sale for $299 when it is launched later this year. According to taiwan based researcher Jason Tsai ‘Google Glass could first arrive with a price tag of just $299’. It is based on the fact that the most expensive part of the device is expected to cost between $30-$35 and the display is likely to be supplied by Himax Display in which Google owns 6.3% stake.

Update : The Google Glass will not cost as low as $299 but will be significantly lower than $1500 that developers paid for the prototype Explorer Edition.

Update : Google updates Project Glass with new features like video player support, improved voice control, voice activated Path and Evernote updates, #hashtags support, SMS support and an additional Google Now cards.

Update : According to a new report from , Glass optimized marketplace will debut ahead of Google Glass launch.

Update : Google has confirmed that later this year all Explorers will have a one time option to swap out their existing Glass for a new one that will work with future updates and prescription frames. It will also include a mono earbud. In addition to that Google is expanding its Explorer Program. Over the next few weeks, all Explorers will have the opportunity to invite three friends to join the program. They will be able to buy Glass online and can have it shipped to their desired address.

Update : Google has recently released a sneak peek of the Glass Developer Kit (GDK), making it possible to build new innovating apps for Project Glass. Now the search giant is inviting developers to buy Google Glass ‘Explorer Edition’ and become an explorer. The invitations, similar to the one pictured below has been sent out to selected developers.


(Image Credit : Engadget)

Update : Google is offering free Glass upgrade to the newer model in exchange for the first generation Glass prototypes. The invitation to Explorers said: “As one of our first Explorers, you’ve helped make Glass what it is today. As a thank you for all your help, we’re offering you a one-time swap to take advantage of these changes. Simply send us your device, and we’ll replace it with a brand new Glass.”

Update : Google Project Glass with Prescription Glasses


Update : Google has announced a new XE 12 update for Glass software that allow users to snap pictures by winking. “We’ve got a new setting that lets you quickly and easily capture the moments you care about with a simple wink of the eye. We’re starting with pictures, but just think about what else is possible,” Google Glass posted on its Google+ social network page.

Update : Google has introduced a new Titanium Collection of Google Glass with four new frames and two new shades.

Update : Google has published a post on official Google Glass Google+ page that aims to clear the top 10 myths of Google Glass.

Top 10 Myths of Google Glass

Myth 1 – Glass is the ultimate distraction from the real world
Instead of looking down at your computer, phone or tablet while life happens around you, Glass allows you to look up and engage with the world. Big moments in life — concerts, your kid’s performances, an amazing view — shouldn’t be experienced through the screen you’re trying to capture them on. That’s why Glass is off by default and only on when you want it to be. It’s designed to get you a bit of what you need just when you need it and then get you back to the people and things in life you care about.

Myth 2: Glass is always on and recording everything
Just like your cell phone, the Glass screen is off by default. Video recording on Glass is set to last 10 seconds. People can record for longer, but Glass isn’t designed for or even capable of always-on recording (the battery won’t last longer than 45 minutes before it needs to be charged). So next time you’re tempted to ask an Explorer if he’s recording you, ask yourself if you’d be doing the same with your phone. Chances are your answers will be the same.

Myth 3 – Glass Explorers are technology-worshipping geeks
Our Explorers come from all walks of life. They include parents, firefighters, zookeepers, brewmasters, film students, reporters, and doctors. The one thing they have in common is that they see the potential for people to use technology in a way that helps them engage more with the world around them, rather than distract them from it. In fact, many Explorers say because of Glass they use technology less, because they’re using it much more efficiently. We know what you’re thinking: “I’m not distracted by technology”. But the next time you’re on the subway, or, sitting on a bench, or in a coffee shop, just look at the people around you. You might be surprised at what you see.

Myth 4 – Glass is ready for prime time
Glass is a prototype, and our Explorers and the broader public are playing a critical role in how it’s developed. In the last 11 months, we’ve had nine software updates and three hardware updates based, in part, on feedback from people like you. Ultimately, we hope even more feedback gets baked into a polished consumer product ahead of being released. And, in the future, today’s prototype may look as funny to us as that mobile phone from the mid 80s.

Myth 5: Glass does facial recognition (and other dodgy things) Nope. That’s not true. As we’ve said before, regardless of technological feasibility, we made the decision based on feedback not to release or even distribute facial recognition Glassware unless we could properly address the many issues raised by that kind of feature. And just because a weird application is created, doesn’t mean it’ll get distributed in our MyGlass store. We manually approve all the apps that appear there and have several measures in place (from developer policies and screenlocks to warning interstitials) to help protect people’s security on the device.

Myth 6: Glass covers your eye(s)
“I can’t imagine having a screen over one eye…” one expert said in a recent article. Before jumping to conclusions about Glass, have you actually tried it? The Glass screen is deliberately above the right eye, not in front or over it. It was designed this way because we understand the importance of making eye contact and looking up and engaging with the world, rather than down at your phone.

Myth 7 – Glass is the perfect surveillance device
If a company sought to design a secret spy device, they could do a better job than Glass! Let’s be honest: if someone wants to secretly record you, there are much, much better cameras out there than one you wear conspicuously on your face and that lights up every time you give a voice command, or press a button.

Myth 8 – Glass is only for those privileged enough to afford it
The current prototype costs $1500 and we realize that is out of the range of many people. But that doesn’t mean the people who have it are wealthy and entitled. In some cases, their work has paid for it. Others have raised money on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. And for some, it’s been a gift.

Myth 9 – Glass is banned… EVERYWHERE
Since cell phones came onto the scene, folks have been pretty good at creating etiquette and the requisite (and often necessary) bans around where someone can record (locker rooms, casino floors, etc.). Since Glass functionality mirrors the cell phones (“down to the screen being off by default), the same rules apply. Just bear in mind, would-be banners: Glass can be attached to prescription lenses, so requiring Glass to be turned off is probably a lot safer than insisting people stumble about blindly in a locker room.

Myth 10 – Glass marks the end of privacy
When cameras first hit the consumer market in the late 19th century, people declared an end to privacy. Cameras were banned in parks, at national monuments and on beaches. People feared the same when the first cell phone cameras came out. Today, there are more cameras than ever before. In ten years there will be even more cameras, with or without Glass. 150+ years of cameras and eight years of YouTube are a good indicator of the kinds of photos and videos people capture–from our favorite cat videos to dramatic, perspective-changing looks at environmental destruction, government crackdowns, and everyday human miracles.

Update : Google has officially announced that it will allow anyone in the U.S. to buy Google Glass on April 15th. You will have limited time because this offer is only available for one day.

If you are interested in buying Google Glass, you can buy one via this link. The Google Glass will cost you $1500. In addition to that Google is introducing a new Glass for Work program that will bring Google Glass into enterprise market.


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  1. Hi Harry Minhas ,

    The initial price of 1500 $ will go down once mass production starts and supply chain optimized ! It is just a start and a long way to go but exciting times indeed right ?:)


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