Iphone 5 – Apple’s First LTE iPhone

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is the sixth generation iphone from Apple. Unlike the iPhone 4S , it’ll be a completely new design from what we have seen before. It means an entirely new casing as we saw with the iPhone 3G and, later, the iPhone 4. iPhone 5 will feature 1.5GHz quad core A6 processor, 1.5GB RAM and Dual core GPU that gives an output of 1080 pixel. It’ll also pack 4-inch touchscreen that is scratch and shatter proof with a resolution of 1136×640 pixels. Iphone 5 will be thinnest & lightest iPhone ever to date measuring at only 7.6mm thick and will weighs only 112g. IPhone 5 will be pre loaded with iOS 6, iMessage, iCloud services. There are two versions rumored to release – a 32GB and 62GB. Plenty of storage for those important emails and multimedia files. For connectivity it will support 3G and 4G Mobile Network connection (LTE network). It will be the first iPhone to support LTE network. Iphone 5 also supports Wireless synchronization with itunes and support iCloud. For multimedia iphone 5 will feature a 8MP rear iSight camera with 3264x 2446 resolution and HD camera on front for facetime and video conferencing (Supports 720p videos). Camera will also feature Backside illumination, Hybrid IR filter, Five element lens, Dynamic low light mode, Precision lens alignment and f/2.4 aperture. Facetime will now work over 3G in new iOS 6. New iPhone 5 will feature new All digital 8-signal design called Lightning. It improves durability, is reversible and is easier to use. New iOS 6 will also feature a new native 3D maps with turn by turn navigation. iPhone 5 will IPhone 5’s battery life is significantly improved and will give you talk time of upto 8 hrs over 3G, 8hrs of LTE browsing, 10 hrs of Wifi browsing, 40 hrs of music playback and 225 hrs of standby time.

Overall, iphone 5’s new design shows the company desire to innovate. It’ll face stiff competition from Samsung Galaxy S3 with another quad core processor on board and BlackBerry 10 with newly design ecosystem. iPhone 5 will be available on Pre order from Sep 14 and iOS 6 will be launched by Sep 21. With its new iPhone 5, Apple is following RIM’s footpath. It is more likely the same iPhone design for the past two years. On the other hand RIM will launch its brand new BlackBerry 10 next year. iPhone 5 will directly compete against the likes of Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X+, LG Optimus G, Sony Xperia T and BlackBerry London. Stay tuned for more updates or follow @harrym20 on twitter.

Update : Apple’s next generation iphone5 has been delayed till next year (by Q3 2012). Iphone 4S has been launched on media event on Oct 4, 2011.

Update : Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 will be available from September 21 this year. Apple is hoping that september launch will give them more attention and will avoid competing against the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Next generation Galaxy Nexus.

Update : iPhone 5 will be the first smartphone to feature a new Nano-Sim. It is smaller than current Sim cards. European & American Mobile retailers are now stocking them for the launch of next generation iPhone.

Update : Next generation iPhone 5 will come with a new 8 pin connector port instead of standard 30 pin connector that came with all the previous Apple products (iPhone, iPod & iPad). News agency Reuters also confirmed that current Apple accessories will be useless with the new iPhone 5. This is disappointing for Apple loyalist who have to fork extra for new accessories.

Update : Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 will not feature NFC chip. New reports says NFC technology will not be included in iPhone 5. This is a step backward from Cupertino giant. One thing is confirmed that iPhone 5 will support LTE (4G) connections on launch.

Update : Next generation iPhone 5 will be available from Sep 21. Pre order availability begins on Sep 14. In US, 16GB memory will cost $199, 32GB will retail at $299 and 64 GB at $399. Apple also confirmed that iPhone 3GS will no longer be sold after iPhone 5 launch.

Update : EarPods are officially launched at a press event on Sep 12. These are the next generation earphones from Apple. They are designed for the geometry of the ear and don’t create a seal like you see in other earphones. The earphones feature three different ports. One on the inside leading directly to the ear and one on the outside and one on the stem. This design maximise the sound quality. The EarPods will be included with the new iPhone 5 and users can buy them separate if they wish.


6 thoughts on “Iphone 5 – Apple’s First LTE iPhone

  1. u mean the 6th generation and most probably the iPhone 6 …

    1st: iPhone
    2nd: iPhone 3G
    3rd: iPhone 3Gs
    4rd: iPhone 4
    5th: iPhone 4s
    6th: iPhone ?6?HD?LTE?

  2. Apple will break records at iphone 5 launch. Samsung S3 will not affect iphone 5 sales in general. BlackBerry 10 is too far.

  3. is samsung galaxy S3 quick from lg Nexus 4 and in same price range as iPhone 5 ?

    • LG Nexus 4 is the cheapest one out of all three. But only if you buy from Google Play Store. Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 are pretty much the same. Both are slightly quicker than Nexus 4.

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